(kablink) Could not open index writer

  • 7024932
  • 17-Nov-2020
  • 18-Nov-2020


Micro Focus Filr 4.2


After an unexpected power outage to the All-in-One Filr server, no files are seen through Filr and attempting to load the Administration Console results in the following error:
(kablink) Could not open index writer


  • Verify the Filr server has enough available disk space on the /vastorage directory
    • Determine how much space is available on the /vastorage directory
      • df -h /vastorage
    • Determine how much space the /vastorage/search/lucene/kablink directory is using
      • du -sh /vastorage/search/lucene/kablink/
    • Is there enough available disk space to double the /vastorage/search/lucene/kablink/ directory?
      • If yes, proceed with the steps below.
  • Paste the following contents into a terminal session (such as putty or other tool):
    • mv /vastorage/search/lucene/kablink /vastorage/search/lucene/kablink-backup;mkdir /vastorage/search/lucene/kablink;chown wwwrun.www /vastorage/search/lucene/kablink;rcfilr restart
  • Perform a Re-Index of Everything
    • Go to the Administration Console
      • You should be able to log in now
    • Choose Search Index in the left window menu list
      • Check the box for Re-Index Everything
        • This will likely take many hours.


The kablink directory became corrupt with the unexpected loss of power to the Filr server.