Installation of Reflection Desktop 17.0+Update1 could cause X Manager failure to start due to missing Java Runtime

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  • 06-Nov-2020
  • 10-Nov-2020


Reflection Desktop for X version 17.0
Reflection Desktop Pro version 17.0


An installation of Reflection Desktop 17.0+Update1 (17.0.434), on top of a basic Reflection Desktop 17.0.427 installation, could result in the X Manager failing to launch due to a missing Java Runtime installation. This could occur using the Reflection Desktop 17.0+Update1 package downloaded from the Micro Focus Support Portal, or when setup is launched from an Administrative Install Point where Update 1 had been manually applied to the base Reflection Desktop installation package.

The Reflection Desktop 17.0+Update1 install program will uninstall the existing Reflection Desktop 17.0 product, along with its Java component; however, depending on timing, this Java Runtime component may not get re-installed after the Reflection Desktop 17.0+Update1 package installation is complete.

The following message will be seen when trying to launch X Manager if the Java component was not re-installed:

Message text:

X Manager - Reflection X Advantage

Application failed to start because the JVM library at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Micro Focus\JDK\Java11\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll did not load.

Path source:
Private JRE installed using Micro Focus Reflection installer. 

Looking at Add or Remove Programs in Windows, you will notice that the Java component is not listed.

Note that this problem occurs where there is a delay between the removal of the base version (17.0.427) and the installation of the higher version (17.0.434). Specifically, if the user does not accept the license agreement, and continue the installation before the removal of the Micro Focus Java package from 17.0427 has completed, then the Java package will not be reinstalled.


Preventing the issue:

1) If Reflection Desktop 17.0 (17.0.427) is installed, then apply the Reflection Desktop 17.0 Update1 patch by itself (download file reflect-, size 134 MB).

2) If Reflection Desktop 17.0 is not already installed, then install Reflection using the full Reflection Desktop 17.0+Update1 package (download file size 528 to 534 MB, depending on product edition).

Resolving the issue:

After the problem has occurred, manually install the Java package:

a. Open the folder where the installer files were extracted/unzipped. By default, this is within your Downloads folder.
b. Within this subdirectory, navigate to Prerequisites\JDK, and run the MicroFocusJava.msi package.

Once the Micro Focus Java package has been installed, the Add or Remove Programs list in Windows will display both Reflection Desktop and the Micro Focus Java package, and X Manager should launch as expected: