-6089 error when running ndsrepair though ER and EA is not enabled

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  • 22-Oct-2020
  • 22-Oct-2020


eDirectory 9.x


Neither Encrypted Replication nor Encrypted Attributes has been enabled in eDirectory.  However, a -6089 error is seen when attempting to run a repair when then fails.


While the /etc/hosts file had entries for the other servers in the tree there was none for the local server itself.  Though eDirectory does not require DNS, the federated code will, at times, perform a resolve outside of eDir.  That includes a DNS resolve.  Therefore, if DNS is not configured correctly errors can result.

An example of the minimum a host file should have is below.  Add an entry for the local server itself.  Note: there should be no alias on the loopback. Also the hostname command should return the same as its DNS short name or alias.               localhost     mysvr.novell.com mysvr