Performing a secure host session or Reflection Security Components trace with Reflection Desktop

  • 7024874
  • 20-Oct-2020
  • 23-Oct-2020


Reflection Desktop (including Pro, for IBM or for UNIX and OpenVMS) 16.2 and higher


While troubleshooting a secure host connection problem, Technical Support may request that you obtain a log file.  This technical note describes how to generate a Reflection Security Components (RSC) log file which is very useful for diagnosing secure connection problems with TLS and SSH host sessions.


Starting with Reflection Desktop 16.2 and higher releases, a secure connection-specific log has been added to the product.

In the C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection\logs folder, create a text file named “rsclog.ini” and add the following values:

        Name - set the name of the output log file.

        Append - set to either "yes" or "no", with the latest entries being written to the end of the file.

Sample file:
Name RSClog.txt
Append no