Unable to delete a folder in personal storage - Error: 30230 could not be deleted because of an unknown error.

  • 7024861
  • 09-Oct-2020
  • 09-Oct-2020


Filr 3.4.7


A user attempted to delete a folder from their personal storage but received the following error:
Error: 30230 could not be deleted because of an unknown error.


1) Log into the 8443 interface as 'admin' and switch to the Administration console
2) Click on Index under Search Index (If in an all-in-one also known as a small deployment Filr environment, click Search Index)
3) Under Personal Workspaces locate the affected user and select the box to the left for the user
4) Click OK
The above process re-indexes the specific user's personal workspace.


An issue with the user's personal storage data in the database.

Additional Information

The error message in this example was specific to the user's data.  The '30230' number was specific to a binder that, in this case, did not exist.  If you are seeing a similar error, download the Filr logs by following these steps:
1) Log in to the 9443 interface as vaadmin
2) Click on the System Services option
3) Click the download option for Novell Filr
4) Download and extract the filr.zip file
5) Expand the directories until you locate the appserver.log file
6) Open the appserver.log and search for the specific number as it applies to your specific scenario.

If you see an error similar to "No such binder by the id '30,230'" (The 30,230 number will most likely be different in your specific case), then following the steps in the Resolution section should resolve the issue.