How to share info about undelivered mails with other users.

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  • 08-Oct-2020
  • 08-Oct-2020


GroupWise 18


There are situations when you need to let other users know about undelivered mails. One example could be a system mailbox administered by several users.
Normally you would create a rule in such mailbox that will forward such undelivered mails to other mailboxes. However, such forward rule does not work does not work on such system messages and this is working as designed for years.


There is a workaround for such cases based on shared folder and a rule that would move such emails to this shared folder. And you share this folder with other users who need to be aware of such undelivered emails.

1. Create a folder like "undelivered" in user1 mailbox.

2. Share this folder with user2.

3. In user1 mailbox create a rule that would:
a) Act on New Item is "Received" & "Mail".
b) Conditions are "From" includes "Dom1.GWIA.GATEWAY", example of the outbound GWIA gateway under Dom1.
c) Actions would move such item into the shared folder.

In that way user2 will be aware of such undelivered mails.