How Can a User Send Send Mail Using Multiple Domain Names in GroupWise

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  • 02-Oct-2020
  • 08-Oct-2020


GroupWise 18
GroupWise 2014
GroupWise 2014 R2


GroupWise by default restricts sending messages using only the default internet addressing format and idomain.  This might be insufficient if a business uses multiple domain names.


To workaround the limitation, it would require that multiple POP accounts be used to allow for the use of different domain names.  In this example, the domain names to be used are, and and the userid to be used is hank.

In order for the userid "hank" to receive internet messages for all three idomains, all three must be added in the GroupWise Administrator under System | Internet Addressing

This will insure that the user account 'hank' will be able to receive for all domain names.  The default idomain is what will be used when the user sends from his GroupWise account if no modifications are made.

In order to allow the user to send as and as well, the user will need to create two additional POP accounts in his GW Client.

To do this, the user will need to open the client and go to Accounts | Account Options | Add and then do the following:

1.  Choose the POP3 account type
2.  Put in the account name to use. In this example 'hank')
3.  Put in the additional email address that is desired to send from.  In this example ''
4.  Put in the GroupWise password.
5.  In the Incoming Mail Server field, put in a bogus ip address that points to some server within your intranet.
6.  In the Outgoing Mail Server field, put in the ip address that points to your GWIA and then click the 'Next' button
7. In the new dialog, choose to create a new folder for the account.  We will not be receiving mail for this account in this folder since mail is already being received to the main mailbox, but this will be used just as a placeholder.  After doing this, choose the 'Next' button.
8.  In the next dialog, create a name for this placeholder folder.  Usually, it is good to create it with the name of the account.  In this example, the folder name is "" and choose Finish.

The From field should be able to be dropped down at this point and a different "From" account should be accessible.