Slowness when opening Microsoft Office documents residing on an OES server

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  • 30-Sep-2020
  • 30-Sep-2020


Client for Open Enterprise Server (Novell Client) 2 SP5
OES 11
Windows 10
Microsoft Office


When remotely opening Microsoft Office documents that reside on an OES server, an up to two minute delay occurs before the documents are opened.


Enable Read Only File Caching in the Client for OES. (Changing this setting requires a reboot of the PC)
To enable this setting:
1) Right click the Client for OES icon in the systray and select Client Properties
2) Click on the Advanced Settings tab
3) Highlight the File Caching setting
4) Change the setting from Off to Read Only by clicking on the drop-down arrow
5) Click OK

If File Caching is already set to Read Only or Read and Write, refer to the Additional Information section.


The File Caching setting in the Client for OES was set to Off. 

Additional Information

In this specific case, the slowness issue became apparent as users began accessing their documents remotely connected to their network via VPN. 

If File Caching is already set to Read Only or Read and Write, refer to these documents for other suggestions that may help resolve the issue: (Does not apply if running Client for OES 2 SP4 IR8 or later)

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