SSPR Internal Error 5015 when taking too long to fill out form

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  • 29-Sep-2020
  • 29-Sep-2020


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 4.5
Public Modules  (i.e. New User Registration, User Activation, and Forgotten Password – the modules  that do not require authentication)


Error 5015 – Internal error returned when taking a long time to complete the module
Error occurs when SSPR would have timed out had it not been refreshed 


This is working as designed.   

  1. Make sure the SSPR Application idle timeout found in SSPR Configuration Editor, Settings ⇨ Application ⇨ Application is set high enough for a person to reasonably complete the form.
  2. Check the workflow and forms to make sure these make sense to users.  
  3. Add customized text informing users that they have x minutes (the application idle timeout) to complete the module.

Additional Information

A session is created when one of the public modules is opened.  This session is assigned a timeout value equal to the value of the SSPR Application idle timeout.  When the application idle timeout is reached the session expires.

The application timeout can be reset by user activity.  The session timeout cannot be reset.

Unpredictable errors will be seen if the application time out is reset and the SSPR module remains open past the session timeout (i.e. past the original application timeout).

In New User Registration, for example, a 5015 error was displayed to the user, and the log file included “unexpected error: 5015 ERROR_INTERNAL … can not read new user profile until profile is selected.”  This error was returned even though there was only one profile available – the default profile.

This can be duplicated in New User Registration with only the default profile available, and with the application timeout set to 5 minutes, as follows:

  1. Open the new user registration but don't enter anything for 4 minutes and 57 seconds.
  2. When the application timeout runs down to 3 seconds, move the mouse or press a key to reset the application idle timeout.
  3.  Attempt to complete and submit the New User Registration form. 
  4.  Error 5015 (unknown internal error) will be returned.

6.      The log file will show the following:   FATAL, servlet.AbstractPwmServlet, {4063168} unexpected error: 5015 ERROR_INTERNAL (unexpected error during action handler for 'password.pwm.http.servlet.newuser.NewUserServlet:validate', error: can not read new user profile until profile is selected)