MTA Server is Running out of Disk Space and Priority Queues are Growing Rapidly

  • 7024825
  • 17-Sep-2020
  • 18-Sep-2020


GroupWise 18
GroupWise 2014 R2


MTA queues are growing and the disk space can grow short on the server where the MTA is located.  Specifically, files are generally located in the /domain/mslocal/mshold/<connectionIDforPO>/1 directory.


Files were being transferred from one post office to another because of a folder transfer from one user to a user on a different post office.  

To fix the issue, it is important to determine who the sharer and sharee are.  One way to do this is to run the destination POA in verbose logging and look for who is receiving the replication....this can also be seen in the sending POA log file.  The user doing the sharing can then be informed to stop the sharing and the queues can then be cleaned up.


A user in one post office transferred ownership of  folder with many sub folders and a large amount of mail with attachments to a user on another post office.  This requires that duplicates of all messages be sent to the other PO through the MTA link.

The best resolution would be to change ownership lower in the folder hierarchy, so fewer messages would be required to be transferred.  The other best practice would be to transfer ownership to a user in the same post office.  In that instance, no files are moved at all.

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