PDF print jobs taking a long time to render fail to print.

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  • 16-Sep-2020
  • 17-Sep-2020


Micro Focus iPrint


When submitting a PDF print job to an iPrint printer from a Windows workstation, the PDF application (Adobe Acrobat Reader or some other PDF reader) can take a very long time (5 minutes) to render/convert (sometimes involving flattening) the file. When this long delay occurs, the print job will fail to submit to the iPrint printer on the iPrint server.


Increase Apache's timeout value to receive data.  Paste the following string of commands into a terminal session (such as putty or other tool) to make this change:
sed -i 's/body=20/body=300/g' /etc/apache2/mod_reqtimeout.conf;rcapache2 restart


When initiating a print job (clicking the print button), Apache is contacted and a connection is opened. If the data is not sent within 20 seconds, Apache will end that connection.  You can change that 20 second value within the mod_reqtimeout.conf file.