Authorization Required 401 error attempting to assign printer driver to printer agent.

  • 7024801
  • 28-Aug-2020
  • 08-Sep-2020


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance


When clicking the "Drivers" tab for a printer agent within iManager, the following error is returned:
Authorization Required
IPP Error: 0xF0191
HTTP Error: 401
The printer agent is pointing a "remote driver store" for printer drivers.  See the Additional Information section of this TID to understand what a "remote driver store" means.

This problem exists with the iPrint Appliance 3.2 and later.  The problem also occurs with the iPrint Appliance 4.0 and later.  Versions prior to the iPrint Appliance 3.2 do not have the problem.


Workaround 1: Change the Admin password
Change the iPrint Appliance eDirectory admin passwords on both the Driver Store server and the remote iPrint server to match.  Do not use iManager to change the admin password.  Instead, use this command at a terminal session:
Workaround 2: Don't use iManager to assign printer drivers
Use a command line tool to assign printer drivers to printer agents:
iprntman printer [PRINTERNAME] -m --driver-win1064 "[DRIVERNAME]" -u cn=admin,o=iPrintAppliance
iprntman printer HPLJ-3rdFloor -m --driver-win1064 "Xerox Phaser 6360 Series Class Driver" -u cn=admin,o=iPrintAppliance
Note: driver-win1064 updates the driver associate for both Windows 10 64 bit and Windows 8 64 bit.  The same is true for driver-win864

Additional Information

Each iPrint server has the ability to host a Driver Store service. In the situation described in this document, one or more of the iPrint Servers does NOT host printer drivers, but instead points to a remote driver store.  This remote driver store option is configured by:
  • go the https://<ip or dns>:9443
  • Choose Manage iPrint Appliance
  • Choose Driver Store
    • Left menu item
  • Within this page, you can choose "Remote" under the "Store Printer Drivers:" section.
If this "Remote" option is configured, you should add printer drivers to the remote server, and not the local server. Printer agent driver assignments will reference the remote driver store.