How to set up a bcc service for all email

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  • 05-Aug-2020
  • 05-Aug-2020


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway)


How can a bcc copy of all messages be set up in SMG?


To send a bcc of all email, there is a service that can do this called carbon copy (which is actually a blind carbon copy). Do the following to set that up:

1) Go under Organization / Policy management | Policy scan config | Inbound mail filter policy (or whatever the policy name is for inbound email).

2) Find the Message Received node on the workbench.

3) Drag the orange dot on the right side of the node and let go of it in the white space. A list should appear, from under Templates choose 'carbon copy'.

4) Click on the icon on the left of carbon copy to edit it:

5) Type in the email address that you want all messages to be bcc'd to.

6) Click ok and save the changes.

A bcc of all inbound email will now be sent to that email address.

If there is a separate outbound filter policy and it's needed to do a bcc on all outbound email as well, repeat these steps on that policy.

NOTE: There is a message received node on the outbound policy as well. It is commonly confused that it means it's for inbound, since the name includes 'message received'. That simply means that policy received it (no matter the direction it's going).