'Edit This File' Missing for Files With .Xlsm Extension

  • 7024752
  • 24-Jul-2020
  • 24-Jul-2020


Vibe 4.0.7
Vibe 4.0.7 Patch 1


Missing 'Edit This File' hot link for files with extension .xlsm


To enable .xlsm files to have the 'Edit This File' functionality do the following:

1. Open a terminal to the Vibe server
2. vi /opt/novell/teaming/apache-tomcat/webapps/ssf/WEB-INF/classes/config/ssf.properties
3. Look for the following line
 - edit.in.place.documents.msexcel.ext=xlsx,xls,xltx,xlt
4. Add xlsm to the end of that line so it looks like this
- edit.in.place.documents.msexcel.ext=xlsx,xls,xltx,xlt,xlsm
5. Save the file
6 Restart Teaming service


.xlsm files are not enabled by default to have the funticonality of using the 'Edit This File' feature. You have to add the .xlsm to the config file to allow these type of files to be edited.