CAF interface will not open with error 404

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  • 23-Jul-2020
  • 10-Sep-2020


Sentinel 8.3 Collector Manager, Correlation Engine, and High Availability Server


When trying to open the Sentinel CE (Correlation Engine) or CM (Collector Manager) standalone box or an HA (High Availability) server the  CAF interface using the following URL "https://IP_address:9443" we get "Error 404 - Not found" powered by Jetty://9.4.11.v20180605."

The CAF interface worked after upgrading to 8.2.3 but after doing the registration and update (through CAF) to 8.3, then rebooting, the above issue started occurring.


The missing files are added by downloading and installing one of the following RPMs depending on whether the box is the CE or CM or HA Server. 
If a Collector Manager download
If a Correlation Engine download

If an HA Server download

1. Once the required RPMs are downloaded depending if the Sentinel box is a CE or CM or HA Server run one of the following commands 

rpm -Uvh web-sentinelcm-


rpm -Uvh web-sentinelce-


rpm -Uvh web-sentinelha-

Note: Running the above commands to install the RPMs will replace the missing files.

2. Next run the following command

systemctl restart vabase vabase-datamodel vabase-jetty 

Now the CAF interface should open.


After upgrading to 8.3 there were several files missing from the CE, CM, and HA Servers causing the CAF interface unable to open. Port 9443 shows as listening when running "netstat -an |grep 9443" but the interface is not opening.

The issue is not occurring on the Sentinel core box, only on the standalone CE, CM, and HA Servers. There are several needed files that are missing which allow CAF functionality. 

To confirm if files are missing check to if /opt/novell/base_config/tiles.conf exist. 

For further confirmation of the issue run the following command "systemctl restart vabase-datamodel vabase-jetty" to confirm if similar errors are occurring "vabase-datamodel.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE"

We found out that vabase-jetty.service (which should serve port 9443) fails.

As we see from our service logs, jetty service is not able to come up. 
#  systemctl status vabase-datamodel.service vabase-jetty.service vabase.service

vabase-jetty.service - Jetty Web Application Server failed to start

...while rest of the given services are active and running.