How to differentiate the origin of Messenger users.

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  • 23-Jul-2020
  • 30-Jul-2020


GroupWise Messenger 18


In a user list you can see all accounts that are present in your Messenger system. However, you cannot differentiate where those users came from. You might have there users who were originally migrated from older version that relied on eDir, you can have manually created users and also ones that originate from GroupWise accounts.


This can be done via restAPI calls either in web browser format just to see them on a screen or you can export them into a text file via curl script.
If you want to see in a web browser all your users in restAPI format with all attributes, then use similar URL in your browser as in example bellow:

You will notice that what makes those user different is ldapType tag.
For manually created Messenger accounts this would look like:


For migrated accounts from eDir (older Messenger systems):


and for users that were added via GroupWise account:


Now, if you want to filter original list of Messenger users that were imported from eDir, the URL would look like in the example:

If you wish to get this filtered list in a text file, then from the terminal use curl script like in example bellow:

curl -k --user admin:novell -X GET -H "Content-Type:application/json" > /list-users.txt