How to block an email address (black list)

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  • 22-Jul-2020
  • 22-Jul-2020


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway)


Getting spam from a certain email address that needs to be blocked, how can this be done?


To block email addresses do the following:

1) Login to the System admin. UI and go to the inbound mail filter policy.

2) From the Filters tab, drag down the one labeled 'email address' to the work bench.


3) Click on the icon on the left of the email address node to edit it:

4) Check the box for 'scan sender address'.

5) Add the addresses that need to be blocked here. If an entire domain needs to be blocked, enter it using a wildcard, for example: *

5) Click 'Ok' and then click on the 'save disk' icon on the top right. 

6) Grab the orange dot on the right side of the email address node and drag it to the 'block' node.

They should now be linked.

7) If these need to be quarantined as well, drag the same orange dot to the quarantine node.

8) The name of the 'email address' node can be changed by clicking on it and then typing a new name. Notes can also be added in the white space.

Email domains or addresses listed in this node should now get blocked.