How to backup and send a copy of the primary database to support

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  • 20-Jul-2020
  • 31-Jul-2020


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) on SLES


How can the main SMG database get backed up and if needed sent to support easily?


Here are some steps to back up the main SMG database, and how to send it to support's FTP server if needed:

1) From the server containing the db, go to a prompt and change directories to desired location, for example type: cd /vastorage/smg

2) From this directory type the following to create the backup copy of the db:

pg_dump --username=postgres --host= --dbname=SecureGateway --format=c --file=SecureGateway.backup

A prompt for the password will appear, the default is postgres.

There should now be a file in the desired location named SecureGateway.backup

3)  This should be small enough to email to support, but if it's not it can be uploaded to the ftp server.

When uploading a file to support's FTP server, the file name must include the SR number. For this command the example SR number is 123456789. Upload it to MF's ftp server by typing:

curl -T /vastorage/smg/SecureGateway.backup

(The above is an example, make sure to put in the correct path and filename)

Let support know when it has been uploaded.