Reflection Mobile (iOS) with Bluetooth Scanners FAQs

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  • 17-Jul-2020
  • 17-Jul-2020


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This technical note addresses frequently answered questions (FAQs) when using Reflection Mobile (iOS) with Bluetooth scanners.


Enabling keyboard with a scanner attached

When connecting an external Bluetooth scanner, the Reflection Mobile onscreen keyboard is disabled. Some Bluetooth scanners have a button to show/hide the virtual keyboard. Please check the documentation for your scanner as it might provide information on a button to display the virtual keyboard.

Scanned input drops the dashes

In some cases when scanning a barcode, the scanned input will drop one or more dashes.  If the dashes in your barcode are removed during scanning and inputting into a host field (Example: You have a part number with multiple dashes (5006003 - - - G) that instead shows up with only a single dash (5006003-G) after the scan), disable Smart Punctuation in your Apple device’s Settings\General\Keyboards configuration: