How to submit Anti-spam false negatives to support

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  • 15-Jul-2020
  • 21-Jul-2020


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) on SLES appliance


Some spam is getting through, how can these be submitted to help block them in the future?


Due to the change in spam scanners in SMG on SLES appliance, spam messages can no longer be submitted through the product itself. They will need to be given to support, whom then can submit them manually.

To do this, do the following:

1) Make sure SMG is up to date. Here is a link to the Manual on how to do that.

2) Open a support ticket. How to contact support.

3) Support needs the anti-spam version information from the SMG server. Do the following:

a) Type the following command:

/vastorage/smg/services/av-as/app/bdamclient -p /vastorage/smg/services/av-as/app/bdassock -i

b) Copy the results and add to the support ticket. The results should look something like this:

BitDefender Anti-malware service information:
  Anti-malware service is disabled
BitDefender Anti-spam service information:
  Anti-spam service is enabled
  Anti-spam engine version:
  Anti-spam database last update attempted: 2020-07-20 09:08:55
  Anti-spam database last update succeed: 2020-07-20 09:08:55
  Anti-spam database last update which downloaded the new update: 2020-07-07 09:08:52
  Anti-spam database update errors after last update: 0
  Anti-spam database current version on the server: 75

4) To ensure successful processing it is required to send copies of the original email, in .eml or .msg format, that are being misidentified. If needed, here are some instructions on how to get a copy of the original:

If using GroupWise:

a) Open the email and click on File | Attachments | View.

b) The attachments should now be visible. Right click on Mime.822 and choose 'Retrieve'.

c) Right click again on Mime.822 and choose 'save as'. Save the file, renaming it to something else, such as spam.eml.

If using Outlook, here is a helpful document:

5) Once the messages have been saved, zip them together and attach them to the support SR that was opened. If the zip is too large, they can be uploaded to the FTP server following these guidelines:

After support receives them, in the correct format, they will take steps to get them submitted to help prevent these from getting through in the future.


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