The document could not be printed

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  • 13-Jul-2020
  • 13-Jul-2020


iPrint OES
iPrint for OES 2018 SP2
iPrint Appliance 4.x
iPrint Client 6.20
Lexmark Printer with Postscript driver 


Trying to print a PDF file, an error is displayed and file print is aborted:
The document could not be printed
An error occurred while printing the document


Change the setting which controls how to create PDF files data on the Lexmark driver.

Go to the Printer preferences, other options, and select the box:

Generate Postscript in driver


Lexmark driver setting

Additional Information

See this Lexmark document:
By default, when Generate PostScript in Driver option is unchecked, the applications which can generate their own PostScript data do so and pass it to the printer without invoking the driver. This can sometimes cause some print features like N-Up, Reverse page order, etc. not work since the application may not have the capability to perform these functions and neither does it pass the print data to the driver which has the capability to process it. However, when this option is checked, the driver directs the application not to generate its own PostScript data and instead, pass the control to the driver which will then generate the PostScript data and send it to the printer.