Released outbound messages from a quarantine system are not delivered.

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  • 01-Jul-2020
  • 01-Jul-2020


In your SMG system you check all outbound mails sent from your GroupWise system. Some outbound mails get trapped by filters you configured.
You login into SMG host as Quarantine administrator and select Quarantine System. Here are all mails listed that were blocked and not sent out of the Quarantine system based upon filters criteria. You select some outbound message that was blocked and you decide to release it. Despite of you click on Release button, the recipient never receives this mail.


Here is an example described based on SMG7 and GroupWise systems.
Each time you face problems with Quarantine, check corresponding logs which can be found under /vastorage/smg/services/logs. Here are few directories listed, each corresponding to different parts of your SMG system.
Find here one like "smg-quarantine-xxxx" where the xxxx is a number. This number is a process ID which you can find out when you login in SMG as admin and go into system administration. Under Module Management -> Modules Status, you will see modules active in your SMG with the IDs aside. The ID is the a number you see in "smg-quarantine-xxxx".

In the quarantine directory find out current log file and check for activities that correspond to your message release.
Here is example of release message problem:

[140683992073984] 2020-06-30 11:47:21 (DBCB) DB notification: releasemessage
[140683950110464] 2020-06-30 11:47:25 Message relay was requested but no relay service is configured for this server

When you release a mail from a quarantine, it is not SMG that sends this message further. The SMG needs extra SMTP host to do this task.
Go into Module Management -> Mail Relay Module Manager and create a new entry. Give it some name and then expand to see configuration details.
In SMTP Relay Target List fill in an IP address of your extra SMTP host/service. Set Auth and Security in auto option.
If you want to use "Message test" feature, then you must also provide in Auth Username and Auth Password of real mail user account that this tool would use to login into your mail system and send the test message. Otherwise it probably fails as the SMTP host would consider this as a relay/spam attack.

Do not use in Target Relay host your main GWIA, nor the SMG host.
If you use here your main GWIA, then this will send just released message again to SMG for checking and the mail ends up again as blocked and in the quarantine for the same reasons you were blocking this message before.
In the Relay Target host use any postfix running on a separate host if you are familiar with, or create in your GroupWise system new GWIA under any domain. This new GWIA shall have a direct access to the Internet, i.e. not passing outbound traffic thorough your SMG host again.
Since by default relaying is disabled, set on this new GWIA relay exception and add IP address of your SMG in FROM field .. and * in TO field. Restart this new GWIA so it accepts connections from the SMG host which tries to send "foreign mails" out.
After that, when you release the message, the the quarantine log you shall see no complains, example:

[139969687447296] 2020-06-30 14:47:50 Releasing message: /vastorage/smg/smg-quarantine/data_store/storage/1/2020/6/30/14//aab168ffe5d63344fc7f617b93b1d870.1ffmd1d.0.msg
[139969919686400] 2020-06-30 14:48:10 Handling inbound message: msg_1593521279_aab168ffe5d63344fc7f617b93b1d870.1ffmd1f.7.msg
[139969919686400] 2020-06-30 14:48:10 Message storage location: /1/2020/6/30/14//aab168ffe5d63344fc7f617b93b1d870.1ffmd1d.2.msg
[139969919686400] 2020-06-30 14:48:10 Message handling complete: msg_1593521279_aab168ffe5d63344fc7f617b93b1d870.1ffmd1f.7.msg
[139969919686400] 2020-06-30 14:48:10 Writing 1 record to the database
[139969919686400] 2020-06-30 14:48:10 Record commit complete

If recipient still does not get released mail, then check log files of your new GWIA and see if:

SMG connection was accepted.
GWIA could send out released mail to the recipient SMTP host in the Internet.