How to capture a procdump from the GroupWise client

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  • 26-Jun-2020
  • 26-Jun-2020


GroupWise 18


When a Windows taskmgr dump does not provide the necessary information for engineering to resolve an issue, a procdump is needed.

Please get a program called ProcDump from here:
Install it on the workstation.
Have GroupWise running.
Open up a command prompt window as Administrator
Go to the directory where you extracted/installed ProcDump in

Enter the following command: procdump -ma -e -mk -h grpwise.exe

you might need to accept a EULA
Duplicate the crash.
A crash dump file should be created in the ProcDump directory.
At least 3 such crash dump files will be needed for engineering.

Switches when running Procdump on a Citrix Serever:

procdump -ma -e -h -mp grpwise


Once the procdump files have been gathered, please zip them together, using the SR number as the file name.  Upload them to and let the technician assigned to the SR know to download them

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