Operation not supported (95) error for netware.metadata with rsync -X

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  • 25-Jun-2020
  • 25-Jun-2020


Open Enterprise Server 2018 (OES 2018) Linux
Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) Linux


Error: rsync: rsync_xal_set: lsetxattr("/path/to/file","netware.metadata") failed: Operation not supported"
rsync with -X parameter with "nss /ListXattrNWMetaData" and "nss /CTimeIsMetadataModTime" set


Be sure the target location is an NSS volume.  Be sure the NSS volume is mounted.  Attempting to write to /media/nss/VOL when VOL is not mounted will result in the data getting written to the root filesystem, which does not understand "netware.metadata".

Additional Information

Setting "nss /ListXattrNWMetaData" and "nss /CTimeIsMetadataModTime" on an OES server will expose the NSS metadata as an extended attribute called netware.metadata.  The extended attribute can be transferred along with the files using "rsync -X".  Both the source and target location need to be NSS with the mentioned NSS settings enabled.
For OES2018 simply run "nss /ListXattrNWMetaData" and "nss /CTimeIsMetadataModTime" at the command line.  For OES2015 and earlier, first run nsscon and run these commands in the nsscon utility.