iPrint Appliance v4 doesn't update AirPrint Availability Status

  • 7024696
  • 23-Jun-2020
  • 28-Sep-2020


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance version 4


Changing the AirPrint availability on a physical printer does not get reflected within the iPrint Appliance "Manage iPrint Appliance" "Printers" list.


For the iPrint Appliance to pick up a change on the physical printer, the following steps must be followed:
  • Go to https://<iPrintApplianceAddress>/psmstatus
    • Log in with an admin user
  • Click the printer in question.
  • Click the "Configuration Options" link for the printer
    • Click within the "Gateway Autoload Command" field.
    • Add NOSNMP to the end of the command.
      • Example:
    • Click the Apply button
    • Click the Back button (upper left).
  • Refresh the Printers list within the :9443 page. (Refresh button in the upper right of the page)
  • Go back to the Printer and remove the NOSNMP option and click Apply again.
  • Refresh the Printers list within the :9443 page again.  The proper AirPrint availability will show.
Note: The iPrint Appliance doesn't actually look to see if AirPrint is enabled on the physical printer. Instead, it looks to see if the AirPrint feature is supported on the physical printer (enabled or not) and if IPP is enabled on the printer.  See the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section of this TID.

Additional Information

The AirPrint column within the https://ipaddress:9443 -> "Manage iPrint Appliance" -> "Printers" list shows whether the iPrint printer is available to have the AirPrint feature enabled or not.  If the iPrint Appliance determines that the physical printer has AirPrint capabilities, then nothing will show in that field.  If the iPrint Appliance determines that AirPrint is not available, a grey bar will show.  If you hover your mouse over that grey bar, the following bubble text will appear:
AirPrint advertising is not applicable for this printer.
As per AirPrint specifications, the iPrint Appliance doesn't need AirPrint enabled for the Appliance to show it is available.  The physical printer simply needs two requirements met for the iPrint Appliance to show that the printer is available for AirPrint:
  • AirPrint is an option for the printer
    • not necessarily turned on, although it can be.
  • IPP support is enabled
If a change is made to the physical printer, the iPrint Appliance server will not recognize that change until the steps in the RESOLUTION section of this TID are followed.