Using SSL Certs on SLES appliance

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  • 19-Jun-2020
  • 19-Jun-2020


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7


How to add a SSL certificate to SMG SLES appliance?


To add a certificate/key to SMG on SLES appliance do the following:

1) Remove password on key file, if it has one.

2) Using the private key and public certificate, generate a pair to pkcs12 format. The appliance CAF certificates gadget will only work with them in pkcs12 format. Here's a command to convert them to pkcs12 format:

openssl pkcs12 -inkey server.key -in server.pem -export -out smg_keypair.pkcs12

3) Login to the VAadmin console https://serverIP:9443.

4) Go to Digital Certificates | change key store to Web Application Certificates.

5) Import the newly created Key Pair by clicking on File | Import | Key Pair

6) Import any root or intermediate certificates as trusted certificates:  File | Import | Trusted Certificate

7) Update the certificate chain and select the imported key pair and select Update Certificate Chain

8) Set the Key Pair to Active and follow the onscreen prompts.

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