DataTables warning in QMS Administration/Message Tracker

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  • 17-Jun-2020
  • 19-Jun-2020


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7
SLES Based Appliance


When browsing the QMS a Popup-Error appears with the following input:
DataTables warning: table id=messagelist - Ajax error. For more information about
this error, please see

Error Message:


Note: Applying these changes to a system, can help working around the issue. If the Problem keeps occurring after the changes where made, consider contacting support.

A. Open a SSH-Session to your SMG Appliance.

1. Open up the VAAdmin-Webinterface:


2. Login using the vaadmin-user and its credentials.

3. Go to System Services:

4. Make sure that the SSH Service is started and 'Running':

5. Open up a SSH-Session or terminal window and connect to your SMG-Appliance using its IP and
the 'vaadmin'-credentials.

B. Increase the Memory Limit.

6. Change the user to the superuser by typing:
$ su root

7. Change directory to the /etc/php7/apache2 folder

$ cd /etc/php7/apache2/

8. Open up the file php.ini

$ nano /etc/php7/apache2/php.ini

9. Change the memory_limit from 128M to 1G

Search for the line :

memory_limit = 128M

Change the line to:

memory_limit = 1G

10. The file should now look like this:

11. Save the settings by pressing Ctrl+X

12. Accept the save Dialog by pressing the Y -Key.

13. In order to apply the changed memory settings restart the Apache2-Server.

14. Run the command in the terminal window.

$ service apache2 restart
After these values have been changed the problem may be resolved.
As this workaround only changes the available memory to the SMG System, the problem may still occur.
If this is the case please consider contacting our customer support.


Secure Messaging Gateway queries the whole quarantine while browsing its contents, sometimes this
can lead to issues caused by memory-shortcomings.
If the Appliance does not have sufficient memory to execute those queries the error-message appears.