Unable to see any classes defined in access control of 18.1.0 version of GWIA.

  • 7024679
  • 10-Jun-2020
  • 10-Jun-2020


GroupWise 18.2.x
GroupWise 18.1.x


In larger GroupWise production environments upgrading all servers and domains to 18.2.0 version can take longer time. You typically start gwadminconsole from the primary domain server which has been already upgraded into the 18.2 version. When you want to view access control of some GWIA under still 18.1 version secondary domain, you will not see any classes defined, not default one, despite you switched a connection in gwadminconsole from the primary to the secondary domain.
When you start gwadminconsole directly against the 18.1 version secondary domain server (URL link), then you can still see fine all classes defined on the GWIA.
This has been reported to our engineering.