GroupWise Messenger 18.0.x error "Unable to create index

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  • 09-Jun-2020
  • 10-Jun-2020


GroupWise Messenger 18.0


GroupWise Messenger 18.0.x Bug created GUID's improperly. 
Users can not log in to their messenger service.
Error messages can include:
- "Unable to create index"
- "0XAF19"


1.    Extract the 18.2.1 build and run the installer:

2.    Choose to not configure the Messenger system yet; we need to fix the GUID problems first.

3.    At the shell, change to /opt/novell/messenger/bin

4.    Run the following command to check for bogus/mismatched GUIDs:

A.   ./ldaplist -a -u root -p <dbuserpassword> -s MessengerService -l -c

B.   The screen will display a list of users that were found with mismatched/bogus GUIDs

5.    There should now be a file named guidissues.out in the directory.

A.   Edit this file, removing any users that you do not want to be fixed up.

B.   For example, users that have been replaced by different users with the original DN should not be fixed up.

6.    Run the following command to fix the GUID issues:

A.   ./ldaplist -a -u root -p <dbuserpassword> -s MessengerService -l -b guidissues.out

                                          i.         or the name of the modified guidissues.out file

B.   The screen will list the users that are fixed.

7.    Run the duplicate GUID check

A.   ./ldaplist -a -u root -p <dbuserpassword> -s MessengerService -l -y

                                          i.         Checks for duplicate GUIDs and should be 0

B.   If there were duplicates, they will have been written to duplicates.out as a list of userids

                                          i.         Edit duplicates.out and remove any userids that you don't want to delete from the system

                                        ii.         If there are duplicate users that you want to remove from the system, use the command:

1.    ./ldaplist -a -u root -p <dbuserpassword> -s MessengerService -l -g duplicates.out (This will remove those users from the system)

C.   Then rerun the duplicate GUID check (Step #7)

8.    Rerun the mismatched/bogus GUID check command (Step #4):

A.   ./ldaplist -a -u root -p <dbuserpassword> -s MessengerService -l -c

                                          i.         Checks for mismatched GUIDs and unless users were removed from guidissues.out, should be zero

9.    If both checks are now showing 0 issues, change to the /opt/novell/messenger directory and run as normal