GroupWise Link configuration connection options blocked or unavailable

  • 7024677
  • 09-Jun-2020
  • 23-Jun-2020


GroupWise 18
GroupWise 2014 R2
GroupWise 8


Small GroupWise system with a single domain and a single post office

Under System menu the Link Configuration is limited

There is no option available for defining the link from the domain to the PO


There are two options to resolve the problem,

1. Add a second domain to the system and the menu options become active.  Having a second domain is a best practice so is recommended.  Placing the GWIA under the secondary domain is a common practice in single Post Office systems.

2. You can still access with the Pop Up dialog box named "Edit PO Link" on the MTA object.  This does let the admin change the "Protocol:" setting between Mapped - TCP/IP - UNC.  Select the TCP option.  The "IP Address:" and "Message Transfer Port:" values are Read Only here, but you change those values under the POA object itself. So this is the work around fix.

Additional Information

Normally this doesn't cause a problem as there isn't much need to edit the link configuration on a small system. 

If upgrading from GW 8 with a mapped drive configured, you will want to change the link to TCP prior to the upgrade.  Otherwise communication from the Domain to the PO will not work after the upgrade.