Finding ZENworks Keys in Micro Focus Customer Center

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  • 08-Jun-2020
  • 08-Jun-2020


ZENworks Configuration Management 2020


Need to locate keys for usage for ZENworks.


2. Click on the "Software" or "Software Icon/Text".

3. Next click on "Entitled Software".

4. Go to the appropriate section of the ZENworks key you require and click on "Keys" of that item.

*Note the following sometimes more difficult to find keys:

The system entitlement activation code is named "ZENworks Configuration Management Activation Code" in the Customer Center. The item itself may be called "ZENworks System Update Entitlement" under the ZENworks section or possibly "Novell ZENworks Configuration Management" (with version) under the "ZENworks Configuration Management" section. Then click on the Keys text next to the item.

The Appliance activation key (for appliance updates) is called "ZENworks Appliance Key" in the customer care center and is found under the ZENworks->ZENworks Appliance item.

Other keys should be found under their respective section/item in the "Entitled Software" page.

Also note, if there are multiple site IDs available for your organization, please check those as well from the drop down menu next to your login name.

If you have difficulty finding a key or believe a key is missing, please contact Micro Focus Support.