ID Provider driver returns ID: -1 when trying to get an ID.

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  • 08-Jun-2020
  • 08-Jun-2020


Identity Manager 4.8
Identity Manager Driver - ID Provider


After moving a driver to a new IDM 4.8 server, a -1 is returned when trying to get an ID.

[06/07/20 16:23:02.051]:idprovider :IDProviderShim: getNextID()
[06/07/20 16:23:02.051]:idprovider :IDProviderShim: Error: policy "GetContractorIDs" not registered.
[06/07/20 16:23:02.053]:idprovider :IDProviderShim: ID: -1 [ID-Provider]

Further up in the IDM 4.8 trace we see that it attempts to get the ID Policies but fails retriever them and register them.

[06/07/20 16:15:29.656]:idprovider PT:IDProviderShim: Getting policies...
[06/07/20 16:15:29.656]:idprovider PT:IDProviderShim: Creating policy ""

Where the IDM 4.6 server would get the list and register them.
[06/07/20 16:26:12.771]:idprovider PT:IDProviderShim: Getting policies...
[06/07/20 16:26:12.772]:idprovider PT:IDProviderShim: Creating policy "GetContractorIDs"


The password for the Authentication ID: in the Application authentication information for the driver was missing on the new server.   Setting the password corrected the issue.