DataModelException error after expanding disk

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  • 04-Jun-2020
  • 04-Jun-2020


Filr 3.3


After an otherwise successful increase of the disk space on a Filr 3.3 search/index appliance, upon subsequently clicking on the "Storage" tile, the following message appears:
Error: DataModelException
Message: Unable to read partition info

The output of the command 'parted /dev/sdb unit s print' (for sdb, for example) may show the error:
Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk!

The output from the command 'df -h' (for /vastorage, for example) may incorrectly reflect a large percentage of the newly expanded disk space is already in use.


NOTE: Be sure to take a back up of the appliance before following the steps recommended below. 

1. Back up the appliance. First, shutdown the appliance, then back it up (snapshot, veeam, etc). 

2. Before booting up the appliance, expand the problem disk (such as /dev/sdb) in the virtual machine settings to a size larger than the current setting. For example, expand a disk set to 100GB to 110GB.

3. Boot up the appliance. Let the partition remain at the previous setting (e.g. 100 GB while the disk will be 110 GB); don't try to expand it again.

With the appliance running, run the parted command again. The command should not throw the "Can't have a partition outside the disk!" anymore.


There is a problem with the disk expansion.

Additional Information

Useful commands in troubleshooting this problem:

/usr/sbin/npart list partitions
/usr/sbin/npart list partitions free
/usr/sbin/npart list volumes

parted /dev/sda unit s print
parted /dev/sdb unit s print
parted /dev/sdc unit s print