GW 18.2.1 Plug-in for iManager will not show the GroupWise tab on a User object

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  • 03-Jun-2020
  • 03-Jun-2020


GroupWise 18


Customer has eDirectory v9 with iManager v3 environment and they have the GW Plug-in 
installed within iManager v3, but they do not see the GroupWise tab on any User object. 


Edit the /etc/opt/novell/tomcat/conf/novell-tomcat.conf file and add this line:

CATALINA_OPTS=' -Dorg.apache.jasper.compiler.Parser.STRICT_QUOTE_ESCAPING=false -Dorg.apache.catalina.STRICT_SERVLET_COMPLIANCE=false -Dorg.apache.jasper.compiler.Parser.STRICT_WHITESPACE=false -Dorg.apache.tomcat.util.http.ServerCookie.FWD_SLASH_IS_SEPARATOR=false -Djdk.tls.ephemeralDHKeySize=2048 -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2'


With GroupWise 18.2, TLS 1.2 has been implemented by default.  Some applications are still defaulting to earlier versions.