GMS Licensing

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  • 03-Jun-2020
  • 03-Jun-2020


GroupWise Mobility Service 18


How does GMS licensing work?


Firstly please refer to KB 7024302 to have an understanding of how GroupWise licensing works.  Your GroupWise system needs to have a valid license in order for GMS to have a valid license.  GMS is an entitlement that comes with GroupWise.  GMS obtains its license from the primary domain database of the GroupWise system. 

NOTE:  GMS 18.x does not have a license key in the Micro Focus Customer Center.

The GroupWise license is initially pulled from the primary domain database during the installation of GMS.  After that the validity of the license is checked at the startup of GMS and at regular intervals.  The license check can be observed in the /var/log/datasync/connectors/groupwise-agent.log file in DEBUG mode.  Look for GroupWiseLicenseMonitor_Thread in the log file.  In the log file the license check should always return a status code of 200 indicating that the license is valid.

To check what license information GMS is obtaining, and to check for errors in obtaining the license from the primary domain database, use the following command on the GMS server:

curl -k --user <gwadminusername>:<password> https://<addressofmta>:9710/gwadmin-service/system/license

Information such as the following should be returned from the command:


In the above we can see the following:

"status":"VALID" --> indicates that the license is valid

"licenseType":"SUBSCRIPTION" --> indicates whether a license is subscription based or perpetual

"expires":"2020-11-28T14:29:24Z" --> indicates when the license expires

If you receive errors such as the following:

Failed to connect to <addressofmta> port 9710: Connection refused

This indicates that either the gwadminservice is not listening on the address and port number specified in the command, or there is a communications issue between GMS and the primary domain server.

If the license data returned from the curl command indicates that the license is in an expired state but in your GroupWise Admin Console it shows as valid, typically just a restart of GMS is required to obtain the new/updated GroupWise license.  If you still experience license issues run the script in /opt/novell/datasync/

The main thing is to first always ensure that in the GroupWise Admin Console the license is correct.