GroupWise Administration Service Loads but does not Activate Port 9710 on a Cluster

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  • 02-Jun-2020
  • 02-Jun-2020


GroupWise 2014
GroupWise 18


When loading the GroupWise Administrative Service in a linux cluster, the status when running "rcgrpwise status" shows as running, but the administrator cannot login to the browser to administer the system.  

The administrator had run the following command to enable the admin service on the GroupWise System

gwadminutil config -cluster enable

Running the command 'lsof -i :9710' from the terminal window showed no results.

The adminservice log found in /var/log/novell/groupwise/gwadmin showed the following error:

2020-01-10 16:07:40 GwAdminServiceListener [INFO] Starting admin service listener (cluster enabled):>DOM1(/media/nss/MTA/Apps/dom1)
2020-01-10 16:07:41 GwAdminService [WARN] Error starting listener Missing SSL certificate for admin service listener:>DOM1(/media/nss/MTA/Apps/dom1)
2020-05-07 16:07:41 GwAdminService [INFO] No listeners running. Waiting for IPC commands


The certificates that are required for the GroupWise Administrative Service were not copied by the upgrade to the proper location.

When running in cluster enabled mode, the certificates should be found in the following location:

For the domain and post office, the certificates should be a peer to the folder where the databases are located.   For example, if the domain folder was located at /media/nss/APPS/domain then the certificates should be located at /media/nss/APPS/groupwise/certificates,

Copying the certificates from /opt/novell/groupwise/certfificates to their proper location corrected the issue


The certificates were not in their proper location for a cluster enabled GroupWise system.