How to setup New User registration with user supplied data

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  • 29-May-2020
  • 01-Jun-2020


Self Service Password Reset 4.4


SSPR New User Registration creates user objects with random values.
Need the ability to force user object names to specific values


Follow the steps below to setup New User Registration with user supplied information.

1. Enable the New User Registration module.

2. Configure New User Registration settings. By default the user is prompted for their email address, first name, and last name. Note the attributes in the LDAP directory.
In this example we are pointing to an Active Directory server. With other LDAP types the attributes may be different.

3. By default the new user registration process will create a user with a random name to ensure no duplicates are generated. In cases where you want to use the information provided by the user, the settings will need to be adjusted.
In this example we will change the default behavior to create the user with their first name followed by the last name. Modify the setting LDAP Entry ID Definition to represent the value you would like for the user name object in the LDAP directory.
Use Macros to define the value. Here we use two macros (@LDAP:givenName@) and (@LDAP:sn@). This results in the user object being named to what the user typed into the First Name and Last Name fields of the new user form. IE. TestUser

Also note that the setting LDAP Entry ID references the LDAP Naming Attribute defined in the LDAP profile. (LDAP ⇨ LDAP Directories ⇨ [profile] ⇨ User Attributes ⇨ LDAP Naming Attribute)