GroupWise auto-reply rule only getting triggered once even if the auto-reply criteria is met multiple times

  • 7024653
  • 28-May-2020
  • 28-May-2020


GroupWise 14
GroupWise 14R2
GroupWise 18.0.x
GroupWise 18.1.x
GroupWise 18.2.x


GroupWise auto-reply rule only sends one email instead of being triggered every time the criteria is met. For example a vacation rule auto-reply is only sent out once instead of multiple times for each time a new mail comes into the mailbox.


By default, GroupWise does not allow a rule-generated reply to be replied to by another rulegenerated reply. This situation, referred to as looping, can quickly increase message traffic. To allow reply rules to loop, follow the instructions below. But be cautious since your system can be exposed to a looping of messages scenario.

You can disable this feature at the Domain, PO, and User level. Here are the steps to allow reply rules to loop:
  1. Go to the GroupWise admin console
  2. Select a Domain, User or PO object
  3. Select Client Options from the oject you selected in step 2
  4. Select the Send tab
  5. On the Send Options tab there is an option: 'Allow reply rules to loop'. You can select this option and that will disable the safty mechanism put in place to prevent the loop from happening. In return you will get an auto-reply email the criteria is met instead of just once.


This is working as designed. It's a safty mechanism to prevent a looping of messages to occur inside the mail system.