Ugrading the GroupWise Monitor Agent to GW18 displays the old logo when running the Monitor Agent exe program

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  • 28-May-2020
  • 28-May-2020


GroupWise 18.0.x
GroupWise 18.1.x
GroupWise 18.2.x
Windows Server 2008R2
Windows Server 2012


After upgrading monitor agent to GW18 the wrong logo is displayed when running the Monitor Agent program. - C:\Program Files\Novell\GroupWise Monitor\gwmon.exe


You will have to run the GroupWise installer once more and reconfigure the Monitor Agent service.
  1. Go to your GroupWise install files.
  2. Run the 'setup.exe' program
  3. Select Monitor Agent
  4. When prompted select 'Repair'
  5. Go through the wizard. 
Once finished run the Monitor Agent program once again and check the logo.

Additional Information

This solution only applies to the Monitor Agent installed on a Windows Server.