Copy Filr Index to another Lucene Index server

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  • 21-May-2020
  • 21-May-2020


Filr 4.2


It is possible to configure Filr to use multiple Lucene index servers.  When one index server already exists and indexing a second server or the second index has become corrupt, it is possible to copy the index from the first server rather than reindex.  In the case of large indexes, this process would be quicker than carrying out a full reindex.


In the following procedure:
First server = holds a full index
Second server = node the index is being copied to

1) Ensure both Index servers are in "Read and Write" mode
Admin Console > Search Index > Nodes

2) Change second Index server to "No Access"

3) Stop Index service (lucene) on second node
rcindexserver stop or Appliance Config page [9443] > System Services

4) Stop the Filr services on all nodes
systemctl stop filr.service

5) Delete the indexes from second server
rm -R /vastorage/search/*

6) Copy the indexes from first node to second node
scp -rp /vastorage/search/* root@<second_server>:/vastorage/search

7) Once the copy is complete, restart the Filr service for all nodes
systemctl start filr.service

8) Restart the Index service and change both nodes to "Read and Write" mode
rcindexserver start