SMG online update fails

  • 7024614
  • 11-May-2020
  • 13-May-2020


GWAVA (Secure Messaging Gateway) 7
running on SLES or Ubuntu


After running the online update, the revision number is still showing the previous rev. from before running the update.


If the online update seems to be failing, make sure the server has internet connection. If it's certain that it does, do the following:

1) Check the following directory for directory names that start with several ???'s.

For Ubuntu: /opt/gwava/assets/bin/linux/x64

For SLES: /vastorage/smg/assets/bin/linux/x64

If they do exist, these need to be removed by typing: rm -r <directory name>

2) Try to run the online update again. If it's successful, then stop here, if it still fails continue to step 3.

3) Stop the modules and remove the older ones, by doing the following:

a) Go to module management | module status and stop each module except:

For Ubuntu: gwavaman

For SLES: smg-supervisor

b) From a prompt type:

For Ubuntu: cd /opt/gwava/assets/bin/linux/x64

For SLES: cd /vastorage/smg/assets/bin/linux/x64

c) Remove all the .bak files for each module by typing:

For Ubuntu: rm *.bak

For SLES: rm smg*.bak

d) Start each module back up, on the module status page and try the update again. If it still fails go to step 4.

4) Ensure svn is up to date by typing, from a prompt:

For Ubuntu, see if it's running first by typing: svn status
If it's running type: vsvn up (when prompted for the password, type: gwavam8)

For SLES: svn update /vastorage/smg (when prompted for the password, type: smg2019)

5) Try the online update again, if successful stop here, if it still fails and it's running on Ubuntu try updating the OS by typing: sudo apt-get upgrade

6) Reboot the server by typing: reboot

The online update should now work and the rev. number should show the current revision.