Automated transfer of supportconfig archives to Micro Focus Technical Services

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  • 07-May-2020
  • 27-May-2020


Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) Linux
Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) Linux Support Pack 1
Open Enterprise Server 2018 (OES 2018) Linux  
Open Enterprise Server 2018 (OES 2018) Linux Support Pack 1
Open Workgroup Suite (NOWS)
Filr 3.x
Filr 4.x


A Micro Focus Technical Services representative requests a supportconfig archive.
Due to the split of SUSE and Micro Focus the supportconfig will need to be reconfigured to correct the automated transfer of the supportconfig to Micro Focus Technical Services.


Micro Focus has made a script available to correct the configuration of the supportconfig, this tool needs to run once on each server.
Download, unzip and copy the script to the server and do the following:


1. Make the script executable:

    # chmod +x setup-oes-supportconf


2. Run the script:
    # ./setup-oes-supportconf [--randombackup]


The script makes the following changes:
- If /etc/supportconfig.conf exists, then the script makes a backup of the original configuration file, which is saved as /etc/supportconfig.conf.bak. This is the default behavior with no parameter.
- If one wants a randomly generated backup then they should pass the optional parameter --randombackup. This generates a random backup of the form /etc/supportconfig.conf.bak.XXXXXX where XXXXXX will be generated  at random.

- Any additional or unexpected parameters will be ignored.


The supportconfig tool was using the as the upload FTP for the supportconfigs, since Micro Focus and Suse have split this FTP is not accessable anymore for Micro Focus Support.

In the supportconfig tool the default ftp server has to be replaced by the Micro Focus FTP site to enable supportconfig uploads to Micro Focus Support.