How to recover a deleted personal file

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  • 06-May-2020
  • 06-May-2020


Filr 4


A user has mistakenly deleted a file from their personal storage, and wants to recover the file.


The deleted personal storage file can be identified for recovery from a backup by following these steps:

1. From the port 8443  Filr Administration Console > System > Reports, run the user activity report (with "Report Workspace or Folder Activity, view, add, modify, delete" selected. Examine the report to identify the date and time when the file was deleted.

2. Locate the deleted file in the Filr database
  • From the port 9443 Console, click on the phpPgAdmin tile.
  • Login
  • Open the "filr" database
  • Click on the "public" schema
  • Click on the "Browse" button for the ss_basicaudit table
  • Locate the entry with the event date the file was deleted.
  • Note the entryid, owningbinderid, and auxiliarydata (file name) from the identified row.
3. Restore from backup the file that is on vastorage (small or large deployment) or vashare (expandable deployment) as follows: ../filr/filerepository/kablink/<int(<owningbinderid>/1000)/<owningbinderid>/folderEntry_<entry d> (kablink will be replaced with zone name_zoneid if employing zones).

For example, a file named "ARINCSecurity.odt"  with an entry id of "107598" and an owningbinderid of "12345" is found in the folder /vastorage/filr/filerepository/kablink/12/12345/folderEntry_107598.  It will be named something like "ARINCSecurity_1588159950865_.odt", but will likely be the only file in the folder.
Note that the "12" element in the path is derived from dividing the owningbinderid by 1000. If, for example, the owningbinderid is 12345, the element in the path would be "12" (12345/1000). 

4. Upload the recovered file into Filr as a new file.