User Disappears While Going Through the Provisioning Process in Mobility

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  • 30-Apr-2020
  • 30-Apr-2020


GroupWise Mobility Service 18


When provisioning a user in GroupWise Mobility, the user will appear for a short while in a Sync-Init state, but eventually will disappear altogether.

This did not happen on all users. 


Discovered the user being provisioned was giving a C05D error on the POA log pointing to a prime user database.  Running a GWCheck Analyze/Fix Structure and Contents at the post office level with verbose logging showed multiple prime user databases that were missing the .db file.  Running a structural rebuild on the missing databases dropped them from the ngwguard.db and resolved the C05D error.


It was found that a database that the user was attempting to access was not available.  It appeared to be a prime user database that synchronized shared folder data from a user on a different post office.  The POA log showed a C05D error on SOAP commands when the data was attempting to be accessed.

When GroupWise Mobility sees this type of error, the program believes that the user has been moved or deleted from the post office.

The mobility-agent.log will show that the user is being deleted and the groupwise-agent.log will show an error 49245 (decimal equivalent to hex C05D)