Disaster Recovery, Moving a GroupWise Sever when data is still intact

  • 7024573
  • 17-Apr-2020
  • 10-Jun-2020


Novell GroupWise 18


Server crash, but the data on the volume is still intact. New sever has been built.


1- Run the install of the new GroupWise System. 
2- Start the Configuration tool once the install is completed. 
3- Click on Upgrade Existing System.
4- Copy over Data from the Following Directories.
  • /opt/novell/groupwise and all subs
  • /etc/init.d/ grpwise*
  • /opt/novell/grpwise-tomcat and all subs
  • /var/opt/novell/groupwise and all subs
  • the entire domain and post office directories where ever you had them located on the old server.
5- Once Data is copied over Start services.
6- The GroupWise System should be running as normal.