Session Server server.log file not created in logs directory

  • 7024570
  • 17-Apr-2020
  • 27-Apr-2020


Verastream Host Integrator 7.7.26 and later
Linux and UNIX Operating Systems


The Verastream Host Integrator Session Server server.log file is not created in the logs directory.  The server.log is used to log Session Server events for monitoring the health of the server and for troubleshooting issues.  The sever.log is normally saved in the "/opt/microfocus/verastream/hostintegrator/sesssrvr/logs" directory for 7.7.1026 and later or earlier version "/opt/attachmate/verastream/hostintegrator/sesssrvr/logs"  directory.

This issue only happens on Linux and UNIX.  Windows does not exhibit this issue.


  1. Open a terminal session on the server.
  2. Stop the Verastream Host Integrator Session Server process.
  3. Change to Session Server "bin" directory (default: "/opt/microfocus/verastream/hostintegrator/bin").
  4. Delete the "log4j.xml" file (you may have to use "sudo rm log4j.xml" if Verastream Host Integrator was installed as root).
  5. Start the Verastream Host Integrator Session Server process.
  6. Verify the "server.log" file is being created in the logs directory.


A default "log4j.xml" file was created during the install process.  It is being used instead of the product installed "log4j.xml" file in the "conf" directory.

Additional Information

For more information about log4j configuration, see KB 7021322.