Error opening document in Filr Content Editor

  • 7024561
  • 13-Apr-2020
  • 13-Apr-2020


Filr 4
Content Editor


When accessing the Filr appliance directly by IP or DNS name, editing a file with Content Editor works as expected. But, when accessing using the Access Manager load balancer, the content editor reports the error: "Failed to read the document from storage. Contact your server administrator.", and appears to hang Filr. Simply refreshing (f5) the page unlocks, leaving the user on the login screen.

An error is logged in the datamodel log (/var/opt/novell/datamodel-service/logs/datamodel.stderrout.out)

2019-10-30 15:14:46.892 [RMI TCP Connection(12)-] INFO ProcessServiceImpl - Executing command: python /opt/novell/base_config/
java.lang.Exception: Unable to reach: https://<DNS name> Check if the host is up and running.

Attempting to contact the URL the Content editor is trying to reach fails with HTTP error 403, as this host name isn't included in the Allowed host list.


Reported to Engineering