GroupWise Mobility Dashboard is not showing any information

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  • 10-Apr-2020
  • 10-Apr-2020


GroupWise Mobility Service 14
GroupWise Mobility Service 14R2
GroupWise Mobility Service 18
GroupWise Mobility Service 18.1.x
GroupWise Mobility Service 18.2.x


GroupWise Mobility is performing fine but the dashboard is not showing any information.


Users added to the GMS system with certain special characters can cause a blank dashboard to occur. If the GMS Dashboard is blank please do the following to check the Mobility system:
  1. Log into the GMS admin console and go to the 'Users' tab
  2. Scroll down the user list looking at the 'UserId' and 'Name' columns. Look for any user entry with these special characters: " ' \ / &
  3. If a user exists with one of the special characters listed above then delete the user from Mobility.
    •  Delete the user via the admin console first and then use DSAPP to delete the user
  4. Restart GMS services (rcgms restart)
  5. Check the GMS Dashboard again to verify it's getting populated with information now.


Mobility has issues processing certain special characters such as: " ' \ / & in the UserId or Name fields. Some special characters such as: - and _ are OK to use in Mobility without a problem.

Additional Information

If a user is found with a special character that was causing problems with the dashboard, that specific users' name will need to be modified in either GW or LDAP ,depending on how the users are being provisioned, removing the special character before adding back to Mobility.