TeamWorks Postgres version is still version 1.1.1 after upgrade. Should be version 1.1.2

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  • 10-Apr-2020
  • 10-Apr-2020


GroupWise Teamworks


TeamWorks is running PostgreSQL 1.1.1 and is subscribed to the 1.1.1 channel

Logging into the PostgreSQL Appliance 9443 portal shows an Online Update is available. 
Clicking on the Online Update and then Update Now will start the process

When the Online Update process completes the Reboot Now icon is flashing.  

The Product Upgrade icon is now activated as well

Note:  The reboot should be the next step.  You can click on Upgrade Now and follows that process by entering an a valid Activation Key and proceed to Upgrade. 

At this point the PostgreSQL appliance is stuck on version 1.1.1.  The Product Upgrade before rebooting fails because we need the product upgrade enhancements that are delivered in the 1.1.1 online update in order for the product upgrade to work correctly. 

Until Jetty and the Datamodel service are restarted, those enhancements can’t take effect.  


To resolve the issue: 

Open a command line and copy the file from /opt/novell/product_upgrade/1.1.1 to /opt/novell/product_upgrade/

Modify the file /etc/sysconfig/automatic_online_update, to add an entry in the last line AOU_PATCH_CATEGORIES="--allow-vendor-change"


Login to the 9443 portal

In this specific order: Click/Run Product Upgrade and when that process has completed, immediately run the Online Update


Appliance is now on PostgreSQL Appliance Product Version:1.2.1, Appliance Version: 2.1-20200228.183457-24