Upgrading RACF IDM driver to 4.8 from earlier versions

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  • 10-Apr-2020
  • 10-Apr-2020


Identity Manager Driver - Mainframe RACF Bi-directional


Upgrading RACF to the IDM 4.8 version of the driver.  Earlier versions where you are at least on a RACF driver version from IDM 4 or greater is not specified clearly in the documentation.


Here are the steps to do the upgrade:
The simplest way would be:
1. Stop LDXLOGR and RACFDRV Tasks.
2. FTP the updated library archives (IDMLOAD.XMT, SAMPLIB.XMT, RACFEXEC.XMT) from the latest 4.8 ISO to their mainframe.
3. Restore the .XMT files into the existing LOAD, SAMPLIB and EXEC datasets.  (They can allocate new ones, if they don't wish to write over their old copies, but in doing so, the new LOAD library will have to be APF-Authorized and JCL for RACFDRV/LDXLOGR updated)
4. Refresh LLA:  F LLA,REFRESH
5. Disable old exit, enable new one: 
If they are using the password exit, LDXRIX02, then an IPL will be required.